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In Chinese History, character is not only the way of information transfer, but also a magic symbol of object’s respect, a centre of life-giving force of space. Calligraphists’ works are well worth of everything, the famous masters’ cue was carved in the stone walls. Handwriting is the very thing, according to which masters’ works are well estimated during exams. It’s no coincidence that the role of calligraphy in traditional Chinese culture is very important and that person, who knows some secrets of calligraphy, considers to be educated person.  

The main aim of the course is to give a chance to the students in getting acquainted with some methods of calligraphy, be able to learn the ways of making tools for it, such as brushes, Chinese ink, papers, with the correct ways of character writing.  
During courses students will learn the methods of speaking Chinese “kaishu”, basing on some artistic principles of greatest calligraphist Ouyan Syun. 
The course includes learning of the easiest parts of character and easy characters of “middle kaishu” (chunkai). Students will learn to write characters with brush and in special papers for calligraphy. For first time, they will learn calligraphy from their places.The course is provided for those who know something about characters, want to deepen their knowledge and learn in details the art of Chinese writing or to develop handwriting skills. It’s the main principles, according to which interlocutor can be estimated by Chinese people. Tuition fee is 15.000 drams and 10.000 drams for children. There is also a system of discounts.


ANNOUNCEMENTANNOUNCEMENT Dear Friends those who want to study chinese and practice wushu should apply YSL Confucius Institute by 25 or 26 of January until 17:30 pm For registration you need the xerox of passport, if you are underage bring the xerox of one of your parent and the xerox of your birth certificate . For more information call /010/ 531771 or write on conf-cultural@brusov.am
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