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Confucius Institute at YSULSS offers Mandarin  Chinese  courses from beginners to advanced (to level A), classes provide the Chinese language instruction for both children and adults.

Basic Chinese 

This course is designed to give beginners a good foundation for further study in speaking, writing and reading Mandarin Chinese. The emphasis is on developing practical listening and speaking capability though the course will touch on reading and writing in the later classes. Students will learn the tonal system and emphasis will be placed on proper pronunciation. Pinyin and characters will be studied while basic grammar will be introduced. 

After this course the student will be able to handle successfully a limited number of interactive, task-oriented, and social situations. Can ask and answer questions, initiate and respond to simple statements, and maintain face-to-face conversation.Within these limitations, student can perform such tasks as introducing himself, ordering a meal, asking directions, and making purchases.Vocabulary is adequate to express only the most elementary needs. Strong interference from native language may occur. 

The teaching materials are “New practical Chinese Reader” textbook with workbook, 1st and the 2nd level (published by BLCU press) and Chinese-Armenian textbook (published by YSULSS press).

Intermediate Chinese

This course gives the student a chance to ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations on topics beyond the most immediate needs; e.g., personal history and leisure time activities. Utterance length increases slightly, but speech may continue to be characterized by frequent long pauses, since the smooth incorporation of even basic conversational strategies is often hindered as the speaker struggles to create appropriate language forms. Pronunciation may continue to be strongly influenced by first language and fluency may still be strained. 

The teaching materials also are “New practical Chinese Reader” textbook with workbook,3rd and 4th level (published by BLCU press) and Chinese-Armenian textbook (published by YSULSS press).












Some simple expressions in Chinese:

1. 你好!
Ni hao! - Hello!

2. 你叫什么名字?
Ni jiào shénme míngzi? - What's your name?

3. 谢谢!
Xièxie - Thank you!

4. 对不起!
Duìbùqi!- Sorry!

5. 祝你生日快乐!
Zhù ni shēngrì kuàilè! - Happy Birthday!
6. 再见!
Zàijiàn! - Goodbye!


ANNOUNCEMENTANNOUNCEMENT Dear Friends those who want to study chinese and practice wushu should apply YSL Confucius Institute by 25 or 26 of January until 17:30 pm For registration you need the xerox of passport, if you are underage bring the xerox of one of your parent and the xerox of your birth certificate . For more information call /010/ 531771 or write on conf-cultural@brusov.am
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