You need a whole life to know China. Here you will get more information about China than wherever in a short period of time.


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According to the agreement about the establishment of Confucius Institute, which has been sighed in February 2009 between YSLU and headquarter of leading group of spreading Chinese, Hanban has given to CI 3000 textbooks, books, video materials and multimedia materials in Russian, English and Chinese.











The Chinese Language Textbooks:
• Textbooks for children, which include books, audio CDs, CDs for individual study, workbooks, instructions for teachers or parents and materials for studying, such as posters and interactive workbooks.
•  Textbooks for children "新起点" (The Chinese language. New beginning). It’s a complete set of books for 12 levels and audio CDs, CDs for individual study, complete set of workbooks and teacher’s guide.
• Textbooks for students. These books are provided for students of different levels of preparedness, from beginners up to the advanced. There are also workbooks, books for listening, methodological books for teachers, cassettes or CDs.
• There are books, which provide to prepare students in passing HSK and BCT exams.   
Area Studies Literature
• There are books about China’s geography, history and literature. Texts are in Chinese and Russian with beautiful illustrations.
• Complete set of books about China’s history, every volume tells about one of the China’s dynasties. The books are in Chinese.
• Complete set of books about area studies of China. The first part introduces us with the world phenomenon, the second part – with Chinese one. The books are in Chinese.  
Multimedia materials
• Interactive programs for learning Chinese
• CDs, DVDs about area studies of China, also other programs which are about traditional Chinese art.
• Chinese and Western directors’ films in Chinese with subtitles.

Chinese workbook - "Wenyan" download


ANNOUNCEMENTANNOUNCEMENT Dear Friends those who want to study chinese and practice wushu should apply YSL Confucius Institute by 25 or 26 of January until 17:30 pm For registration you need the xerox of passport, if you are underage bring the xerox of one of your parent and the xerox of your birth certificate . For more information call /010/ 531771 or write on conf-cultural@brusov.am
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